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I started R.O.A.R. (Revolutionary -Original-Ambitious-Rebels) to create a platform for trailblazers, like minded creatives who are creating change, bringing forth greatness to themselves and the community - locally, nationally, and worldwide. We all have a story to tell, and story telling is one of the oldest forms of art and bringing communities together. Our stories, work and desire to stoke the fire transcends borders. And well - that's pretty special. 

This Is What Happiness Looks Like

This Is What Happiness Looks Like

When the hustle of the day slows is when you can find your authentic self. Take note of what makes your fire light for this is what happiness looks like. When we do what we love we heal this world. Speak your truth, be your truth, live your truth. Choose to live accordingly. 


Life is about choices. Quit blaming others for not living your life. Your life is what it is - because of your choices. 2016 was a valuable year of learned lessons. I am still feeling the repercussions. 

At the end of 2015 I set a goal to be reached by September 19, 2016 - my 40th birthday. My goal - my profession and financial stability. I wanted to thrive - not just survive. Money is not the most important thing, and is not an indicator of my success but it is and will always remain important in our daily life to function. With vigor, you got this attitude I dedicated my all to this goal. As 2016 evolved I became closer to obtaining my goal. Unfortunately I became so laser focused I began missing opportunities around me, as well as deliberately ignoring signs I should have paid attention to. As it happens - life happened and I did not obtain what I had been working on for well over a year. This goal meant everything to me, as I had thought it would validate me as a person. I felt I had failed, not only myself but I failed my son. During this time, I started to take a look at myself and my life. If I wanted to make changes, I should probably start with myself. It is very easy to point fingers and place blame in our life. I think once you take responsibility - that you had something to do with the circumstances of your life, then that is exactly when your life will evolve. I needed to start making better choices. I also needed to learn that when you have to continually force and pry a goal into submission, it may not be right for you at that time. The spotlight I put on myself was was raw. Self reflection is one of the most honest and real things you can do. It's healthy, necessary, and humbling. It is a true reflection of your life because you begin to realize everything you are looking at is a direct result because of you. While you cannot control others, while you cannot control all that life will throw at you, albeit cruel or unfair - you can control how you choose to react. And that will determine your outcome. 


The beauty and rawness of this honesty is scary - but you have to do it to get at the core of the matter - to fully understand how you can evolve and begin to live your true authentic self - what you do best, and how can you apply this to life. It's okay if your life is not what you think it should be at this current moment. It's okay if your life is different from others. It does not make you more or less of a person. You are worthy to live fully. You are worthy and valid to be happy. Find your success and worth from your actions. We have all had our triumphs and life battles to overcome. But, whatever you do - choose happiness. Even if you don't believe it at first. Choose happiness. Say it out loud, keep saying it until it's a self assertive decision. Once you have destined yourself, you will make a conscience decision through your actions to result in happiness. This is the beginning of living our authentic self. This is when we begin to live fully and with purpose. We shine when we are happy and as a result we offer our best to the world when are fully living. Happiness doesn't happen - we make it happen. 


There's a lot of hardships in life you'll have to overcome. So overcome it.  I believe life's hard knocks are often a catalyst for self-realization, a revelation of inner power - and the beginning of inspiring stories of triumph over adversity. The choice is yours, and it's simple. Own it. Own your life. As far as I know, we do this once, and I don't want to settle. Through all the crazy twists and turns and what I thought I wanted - what I thought I needed - I've discovered so much more. Keep your priorities straight. Don't look too far into the future, and be prepared to get into the motor and journey on. 


I also learned you have to believe in the magic of new beginnings, to not be afraid of change to the point you remain stagnant. I hate seeing people who have stopped living. Don't do that. Don't settle. Don't drink the kool-aid thinking you're doing the world any favors. We need your passion, we need your drive, we need your light in this world. 

So I'll take the bad, and the good. I'll take the fails to learn. I'll take the triumphs to keep going.  As I have learned sometimes you won't reach that particular goal, in the particular time frame you wanted - I also learned - that doesn't mean it's over. Get back up and get back out in the world. You have your thing - now go live it. 

Clearing Obstacles: Katie Antonneau's journey from depression to self-acceptance

Clearing Obstacles: Katie Antonneau's journey from depression to self-acceptance