"Life's hard knocks are often a catalyst for self-realization, a revelation of inner power - and the beginning of inspiring stories of triumph over adversity." - Jen agan 

"Life's hard knocks are often a catalyst for self-realization, a revelation of inner power - and the beginning of inspiring stories of triumph over adversity." - Jen agan 

 Chicago native. Marketing. Stage & House Manager. Production Events Coordinator. Field Marketing Activator. Freelance Writer. 

I am keen to cross-functional content production and I thrive with rolling up my sleeves in the actual production of the creative product. My experiences have allowed me to be part of the creating, and consumer activation as I have managed and led marketing endeavors in key markets. Production is one of the most fulfilling parts of a job, it's where you have the opportunity to problem solve for the abstract, and find unexpected ways to assemble teams and set the stage to make it work. 

I am mostly known for my enthusiasm towards life and the desire to stoke the fire. I believe when we do what we love we heal this world.  I believe anything you do, do with love, authenticity outlasts bullshit every time. Stay true and work with those you truly admire. Lead with making a positive impact on the world (however difficult that is to measure), inspiring others, being authentic, and, most important, having meaningful and lasting relationships with people who are authentic too. 

 When I'm not working you can find me on my bike or a run, capturing my images and sharing stories along the way. Questions? Thoughts? Say hello! 


Personal or professional motto: "I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life." - Virginia Woolf  Childhood aspirations: I remember it was 7th grade. I was watching a movie, it was one of those happy feel good movies. I said without hesitation, I want to do that. I want to make people laugh, feel good about themselves and life. It was the most real and honest thought I had experienced in my childhood. So, I did what any child does that wants something. I looked up every casting agent and when I found the one I thought I'd like, I called the Better Business Bureau - just to make sure they were legit. They were, so I went to them. Told them to sign me and I told them exactly what I wanted. All of this in 7th grade. To this day, if I feel the noise and I begin to lose my way on what makes my fire light, I'll think of this memory. When you truly know what you want, you will truly ask for it without hesitation, without an apology, without overthinking it. I truly believe something happens in our adulthood - we don't think and dream the same. We over think it. Overall lesson learned: As all that is in life, we are always learning. However, one that really sticks with me is don't over complicate things to the point you remain stagnant. Make it easy on yourself and ask yourself what do you want your end result to be. Then go from there, listing out your steps of what needs to be done. Traits I am most proud of: Empathy and this deep rooted desire to absorb life to its fullest. What the world needs more of and less of: We need more access to education. More paid maternity and paternity leave. More self-thinkers. More art. More theatre. More stories. More empathy. More love. Less stuff. Less worry. Less wanting to be right and more wanting to make it right.